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Race/Best Support

NameRace/Best Support
Product GroupTopaz T3 Air 7.875x2.25 / 200x57
Recommended Weight82-90kg
Air Pressure220psi
Off The Top (OTT)Not set
Rebound5 clicks
High Speed Compression0 clicks
Low Speed Compression0 clicks
Trail ConditionsN/A
Description2 Bands in the positive 1 Band in the negative 180 psi in the bladder The most supportive of the three tunes I have done so far. Each are head and shoulders above the monarch plus, the bike has imperceptible bob even on open compression. The best feature has to be how the shock feels bottomless even on flat landings and slow rock rolls where I pop the indicator band off the end of the shock.
Date Created10/02/2017
Created BySeth Nolan "AkBeard"
Riding LevelExpert