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Tune 1 Canyon Spectral EX

NameTune 1 Canyon Spectral EX
Product GroupTopaz T3 Air 7.5x2 / 190.5x50
Recommended Weight82-90kg
Air Pressure230psi
Off The Top (OTT)Not set
Rebound4 clicks
High Speed Compression0 clicks
Low Speed Compression0 clicks
Trail ConditionsLoamy
DescriptionI'm 92 kg. I put 230 psi and 200 psi in the bladder. 2 o-ring in the positive chamber and 1 in the negative. My sag is 30%. Rebound 4 click from full open
Date Created11/14/2017
Created ByLorenzo Galeotti "Galeotti1974"
Riding LevelSport