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YT Jeffsy 29 dh ride tune (bikepark)

NameYT Jeffsy 29 dh ride tune (bikepark)
Product GroupTopaz T3 Air 7.875x2.25 / 200x57
Recommended Weight82-90kg
Air Pressure190psi
Off The Top (OTT)Not set
Rebound3 clicks
High Speed Compression0 clicks
Low Speed Compression0 clicks
Trail ConditionsHard Packed
DescriptionPositive chamber: 0 spacers Negative chamber: 2 spacer Bladder: 175 psi SAG: 30% Rider weight: 90Kg with kit Did not bottom out 4mm left on shock.
Date Created08/16/2017
Created BySevan Biglarian "Seven"
Riding LevelSport