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Lewis Buchanan

NameLewis Buchanan
Product GroupEmerald 203mm DH
Recommended Weight73-81kg
Air Pressure75psi
Off The Top (OTT)7 rotations
Rebound10 clicks
High Speed Compression4 clicks
Low Speed Compression7 clicks
Trail ConditionsHard Packed
DescriptionThis was his setting for the Fort William WC 2014. Rebound and compression were both tuned for the rider. Conditions were very dry and those damn midges were out in force!! Reb Stock mod 1 x 21x.15 1 x 16x.15 Comp stack mod 1x22x.15 2x13x.15 1x20x.15 1x17x.15 1x14x.15 Oil weight is 5wt Motorex.
Date Created07/10/2014
Created ByAdmin User "admin"
Riding LevelPro