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Initial tune for Mojo 3

NameInitial tune for Mojo 3
Product GroupTopaz T3 Air 7.875x2 200x51
Recommended Weight73-81kg
Air Pressure190psi
Off The Top (OTT)Not set
Rebound5 clicks
High Speed Compression0 clicks
Low Speed Compression0 clicks
Trail ConditionsLoamy
DescriptionMail from DVO Support: Hey Martin, you can use the fox hardware. I would start with no spacers and about 190 psi in main, 185 in bladder and rebound 5-6 clicks from closed. If you feel you need more support to prevent bottom out, add a spacer to the positive. Give that a try and fine tune as needed. Thanks for riding DVO. Geoff
Date Created01/31/2019
Created ByMartin E "jekyll"
Riding LevelSport