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All Mountain Trail/Enduro Tune

NameAll Mountain Trail/Enduro Tune
Product GroupDiamond AM 160mm
Recommended Weight73-81kg
Air Pressure125psi
Off The Top (OTT)8 rotations
Rebound8 clicks
High Speed Compression8 clicks
Low Speed Compression3 clicks
Trail ConditionsN/A
DescriptionTune is for big mountain, enduro riding where there is big rough, jumps, small drops, lots of flow, lots of speed, and stuff to pop over. OTT setting still allows for small bump compliance and traction. Rebound is quicker to help on flowy trails and to pop out of berms or pop over obstacles. HSC still provides support for speed, jumps, and drops, just not huge. This tune can give you good control for technical climbing and slow speed technical riding, but not ideal.
Date Created04/07/2016
Created ByOliver Wu "jiggawu"
Riding LevelExpert