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DH/Bike Park Tune

NameDH/Bike Park Tune
Product GroupDiamond AM 160mm
Recommended Weight73-81kg
Air Pressure130psi
Off The Top (OTT)8 rotations
Rebound12 clicks
High Speed Compression12 clicks
Low Speed Compression3 clicks
Trail ConditionsN/A
Description175lbs, expert rider. I like bike parks, DH/enduro trails. When you are going fast, enduro racing, bike park jumps and drops, serious DH, this tune provides the big hit support, smooths the chatter and chunder, and gives the support needed to rail berms. Lots of HSC I found was the key for this terrain and speed. But this tune does not work for regular trail or XC riding, too much mid-stroke jarring on rocks and bouncy technical climbing. Its made for when you intend to go DH fast and big.
Date Created11/21/2015
Created ByOliver Wu "jiggawu"
Riding LevelExpert