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Lightweight aggressive rider 160mm

NameLightweight aggressive rider 160mm
Product GroupDiamond AM 160mm
Recommended Weight54-63kg
Air Pressure92psi
Off The Top (OTT)3 rotations
Rebound10 clicks
High Speed Compression28 clicks
Low Speed Compression2 clicks
Trail ConditionsHard Packed
DescriptionTaken this setup to races and bike parks and I'm happy with it so far. Bottoms out very gently on big drops and bad jumps. The only thing that's gone wrong is that I set up the fork on a hot day and cold weather brought the pressure down too low so I had to pump it up again. I weigh 60kg. Also, the clicks are measured from closed except for LSC which is position #2. HSC is fully open.
Date Created12/25/2018
Created ByKarina G "k_pop"
Riding LevelExpert