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Product GroupDiamond AM 140mm
Recommended Weight73-81kg
Air Pressure121psi
Off The Top (OTT)10 rotations
Rebound6 clicks
High Speed Compression5 clicks
Low Speed Compression2 clicks
Trail ConditionsHard Packed
Description6/2/17: Now the fork isn't using all its travel, and has too much stiction. OTT increased (6 to 8), HSC and LSC each decreased by one (5 to 4 and 3 to 2, respectively). 6/7/17: Came up short on a big step-down on Hyde @ Bailey and bottomed front and rear pretty hard. HSC up to 5 in an effort to defend against extreme landings. LSC up (1 to 2) to combat high OTT settings. Nicely sensitive fork. Braking bumps were intense but my arms never got tired and the bike tracked well.
Date Created05/26/2017
Created ByMark Bolding "sn1572"
Riding LevelN/A