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Most Recent Tune Topaz

NameMost Recent Tune Topaz
Product GroupTopaz T3 Air 7.875x2.25 / 200x57
Recommended Weight73-81kg
Air Pressure200psi
Off The Top (OTT)Not set
Rebound6 clicks
High Speed Compression0 clicks
Low Speed Compression0 clicks
Trail ConditionsN/A
Description5/27/2017: Rebound was a little too fast, at least compared to the front of the bike. Rebound increased (4 to 5). Fork adjusted as well. 6/7/17: Slapped a zip-tie on and discovered air pressure was too low (had fallen to ~182). Pumped up to 200. Rebound was set to 7-8 while at Bailey, which felt like too much. (Bike went from sailing off jumps to squashing them, and possibly went from over rotating to under). Reduced to 6.
Date Created05/26/2017
Created ByMark Bolding "sn1572"
Riding LevelN/A